Killervirus-Audio releases RemixVirus03 on 23rd of June 2014. Its a single with one original track and two remixes. Robomanic // Originalmix Robomanic // Liquid Yan RMX Robomanic // Blues RMX The original mix is a tune inspired by classical compositions of the 20th century, featuring a piano phrase composed in the dodekaphonic style. so take a […]


Release Date “RemixVirus02_EP” fixed

The official release date of “RemixVirus02_EP” will be on 20th of may this year. From this date on the digital release will be available in all major downloadstores like itunes, amazon, beatport, google music and others. A major promotion is going on worldwide through 8dpromo, promoting it to worldwide radioshows, worldwide reviewers and press. The […]


official release-MoveEP

last week, 15. december 2010, my new EP-Move (KiAo 1002) has been released. “Move” is a spikey funk tune with an understated yet engaging vocal delivery, a screaming guitar solo and all modern electronic production effects to spread into the future. introducing singer MARIKO KIYOSE alongside with remixes from SUB and KEYMINATOR (myself). listen to […]


the next remix is under my fingers. i got a title from a greek producer to remix in a nu-jazz style. i like the songs on the album „music through the years“ from the 5th galaxy orchestra. very good production. listen on the 5th galaxy orchestra page. thank you panos for your trust!!!

start of everythingsroundRMX

last week i started to make the remix of the title „everything`s round“. its part of the last CD “vampires“ (2007) from portuguese singer nicole eitner. very special singer with an interesting mixture of alternative, classical and pop week will be a short snippet on the blog. infos nicole eitner