iMix NuJazzVol3

iMix NuJazzVol3 is available in iTunes musicstore. Its a collection of keyboard-style titles of artists in NuJazz who collaborate in NuJazzConnect network. you can listen to Bugge Wesseltoft, Tunto, Andrzej Rejman, The Cinematic Orchestra, Pete Fletcher, Andre Zimma & Ye:Solar, Flying Lotus, Hird and myself. feel free to leave comments and suggestions. get NuJazzVol3 on iTunes

interview pete fletcher

in this blog i want to portray pete fletcher, a guitarist and producer from scotland, UK. he is the owner of the label “Nu-Jazz Europe” and a member of the network NuJazzConnect. in this interview he give a deep insight in his musical world and concepts. for further information visit Q: short biographie? A: Started […]