Killervirus-Audio releases RemixVirus03 on 23rd of June 2014. Its a single with one original track and two remixes. Robomanic // Originalmix Robomanic // Liquid Yan RMX Robomanic // Blues RMX The original mix is a tune inspired by classical compositions of the 20th century, featuring a piano phrase composed in the dodekaphonic style. so take a […]


Teaser “RemixVirus01-EP”

RemixVirus01-EP  is the first production centering my label Killervirus-Audio.   [soundcloud id=’25974874′]   Tracklist: 1. Fly5 // Keyminator`s drumworx RMX 2. Move feat. Mariko Kiyose // Black Alley`s Private Cut 3. Reflex_Action // Pete Fletcher`s RMX of Re_Act (Journey_Man CD) 4. Fly5 // Keyminator`s extended drumworx RMX The remix from my track “Fly5″ is influenced by […]


official release-MoveEP

last week, 15. december 2010, my new EP-Move (KiAo 1002) has been released. “Move” is a spikey funk tune with an understated yet engaging vocal delivery, a screaming guitar solo and all modern electronic production effects to spread into the future. introducing singer MARIKO KIYOSE alongside with remixes from SUB and KEYMINATOR (myself). listen to […]

Videocast#3-Vocalediting in NuJazz

My videocast#3 – Vocalediting in NuJazz – is online. You can see my vocal-channelstrip and how it works on a vocalsample. hope you like it and comment it here on my site or on youtube. [youtube][/youtube]

Videocast#2 – Grooveprogramming in NuJazz

My videocast#2 – grooveprogramming in NuJazz – is online. the idea is to take 16th`s grooves and work with 8th groove parameters. you can see and listen to my thoughts about this special theme. hope you like it and comment it on this site or on youtube. [youtube][/youtube] regards stefan