“they always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them”. (andy warhol)


“the real artist has no pride. unfortunately he sees that his art has no limits. he feels obscurely how far he is from the goal. while he is perhaps being admired by others, he mourns the fact that he has not yet reached the point to which his better genius, like a distant sun, ever […]


„The singer had to be somebody who was capable and even enthusiastic about a musical underpinning that wasn`t always  going to be cooperating with them“. (reid anderson, the bad plus)


miles davis said „tell a story when you improvise“. and the story depends on you. here`s another cool thought about improvisation: „jazz has always been a man telling the truth about himself“. (quincy jones)


nothing more to say. „what has worked before is never as good as something that has never tried before, even if it doesn`t work“. (jimmy webb)


yesterday i played a gig and afterwards there have been the usual critics-talk. sometimes its very funny but very often its boring. „pay no attention to what critics say; there has never been a statue set up in honor of a critic.“ (jean sibelius)


nowadays the work with media is a great opportunity for each creative. the direct connection to the consumer achieves the dialoge model. „when a record company makes a mistake, the artist pays for it. when the artist makes a mistake, the artist pays for it“ (robert fripp). but the times had changed.