Sephirot “Didn`t they have to die” – Keyminator remix

UK based label Itchy Pig Records released a new EP from their artist Sephirot, including 3 remixes of the title “Didn`t they have to die”. My remix, Keyminator remix, is a latin inspired tune, featuring a montuno coloured piano improvisation with vocoder lines. Take a listen on this interesting release on junodownload.com  



With the aftermath of the last Christmas parties still ringing Killervirus-Audio casts the eyes forward to the next release to look forward too. Pre_serve EP comes along with two remixes, flavour of easy listening and abstract piano playing. The final release date will be fixed in the next days. So enjoy this 3 minutes of […]


Review “Re_generate EP” on WeeklyPodcast

The weeklypodcast is a great summary of new independent electronic music. My last EP “Re_generate”, released under the music label  Tales from the Inside, got a review in the last one. you can read the whole review on weeklypodcast  



A vienna city morning often starts early, sometimes 8 a.m., i am trying to elongate the hours available in a day. There’s always a kind of waltz in this town. So listen to this preview and you will get some spirit of it. The EP with 2 remixes will be released in November. thanx for […]


New EP “Re_generate” released

My new EP “Re_generate” is released under the new and innovative label Tales From The Inside. The A-side “Re-generate” is carried by a smooth melody, movement is generated through a remarkably expressive bassline which serves as the foundation of an ever changing sound structure. The B-side track “Back_wards” is an almost contradictory statement: echoed, rhythmical sound […]



Its a great value to get in touch with interesting people through music. keith walsh from synthbeat.com is one of them. he really is a top notch journalist with musical skills. its worthwhile to check out his site gathering information about interesting musicians, but also technical stuff. Here is a short description of his ambition […]


Release Date “RemixVirus02_EP” fixed

The official release date of “RemixVirus02_EP” will be on 20th of may this year. From this date on the digital release will be available in all major downloadstores like itunes, amazon, beatport, google music and others. A major promotion is going on worldwide through 8dpromo, promoting it to worldwide radioshows, worldwide reviewers and press. The […]


Preview “RemixVirus02-EP”

RemixVirus02-EP is in the pipeline!! It features the title “Always”, a wonderful piano track with two remixes. So sit back and take a listen to these 4 minutes of Nu Jazz and electronic music soundscapes.   1. Always // stefan oberthaler aka KEYMINATOR`s original Mix 2. Always // keyminator`s prepared piano RMX 3. Always // […]


Working-Progress: “MessRep”

This is one of my new tunes for the upcomming piano-album. One of the basic ideas is a referenz to olivier messiaen and his tonality. I used the Modus III in special cases to improvise over a Ab+7 chord. Its really a very special colour in this context and i hope you like it.   […]


WERK – Birthday Event

On saturday 4th of august there will be a unique birthday event, located at the venue “Werk”, Neulerchenfelderstrasse 6-8, A-1160 Vienna, Austria. Among others, i will also make a short performance. So if you are in town dont miss it!!!!!! Program See you    

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New Studio Setup

This month i will introduce you in my new studio-setup: I decided to enter the 64-bit world with 96kHz workflow and so i had to change some equipment parts. The new computer is an iMac 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7 The new audiointerface is a Universal Audio Apollo Quad with special analog designed mastering PlugInns After […]


“Move” on Best of the Sunday Alternative 2011 Radioshow

The title “Move feat. Mariko Kiyose” has been on the playlist of Best of the Sunday Alternative 2011 (25/12/2011 and 1/1/2012)  – Ambersound 107.2 fm Ripley Derbyshire UK). Its a great selection of tunes played on the weekly radioshow presented by Les “Lofty” Wright in the past year. Here is the whole playlist: Sunlight square – […]