Sephirot “Didn`t they have to die” – Keyminator remix

UK based label Itchy Pig Records released a new EP from their artist Sephirot, including 3 remixes of the title “Didn`t they have to die”. My remix, Keyminator remix, is a latin inspired tune, featuring a montuno coloured piano improvisation with vocoder lines. Take a listen on this interesting release on junodownload.com  



With the aftermath of the last Christmas parties still ringing Killervirus-Audio casts the eyes forward to the next release to look forward too. Pre_serve EP comes along with two remixes, flavour of easy listening and abstract piano playing. The final release date will be fixed in the next days. So enjoy this 3 minutes of […]


Review “Re_generate EP” on WeeklyPodcast

The weeklypodcast is a great summary of new independent electronic music. My last EP “Re_generate”, released under the music label  Tales from the Inside, got a review in the last one. you can read the whole review on weeklypodcast  



A vienna city morning often starts early, sometimes 8 a.m., i am trying to elongate the hours available in a day. There’s always a kind of waltz in this town. So listen to this preview and you will get some spirit of it. The EP with 2 remixes will be released in November. thanx for […]


New EP “Re_generate” released

My new EP “Re_generate” is released under the new and innovative label Tales From The Inside. The A-side “Re-generate” is carried by a smooth melody, movement is generated through a remarkably expressive bassline which serves as the foundation of an ever changing sound structure. The B-side track “Back_wards” is an almost contradictory statement: echoed, rhythmical sound […]



It is a great value to get in touch with interesting people through music. keith walsh from synthbeat.com is one of them. he really is a top notch journalist with musical skills. its worthwhile to check out his site gathering information about interesting musicians, but also technical stuff. For more information check out synthbeat.com  


Release Date “RemixVirus02_EP” fixed

The official release date of “RemixVirus02_EP” will be on 20th of may this year. From this date on the digital release will be available in all major downloadstores like itunes, amazon, beatport, google music and others. A major promotion is going on worldwide through 8dpromo, promoting it to worldwide radioshows, worldwide reviewers and press. The […]


Preview “RemixVirus02-EP”

RemixVirus02-EP is in the pipeline!! It features the title “Always”, a wonderful piano track with two remixes. So sit back and take a listen to these 4 minutes of Nu Jazz and electronic music soundscapes.   1. Always // stefan oberthaler aka KEYMINATOR`s original Mix 2. Always // keyminator`s prepared piano RMX 3. Always // […]


Working-Progress: “MessRep”

This is one of my new tunes for the upcomming piano-album. One of the basic ideas is a referenz to olivier messiaen and his tonality. I used the Modus III in special cases to improvise over a Ab+7 chord. Its really a very special colour in this context and i hope you like it.   […]


WERK – Birthday Event

On saturday 4th of august there will be a unique birthday event, located at the venue “Werk”, Neulerchenfelderstrasse 6-8, A-1160 Vienna, Austria. Among others, i will also make a short performance. So if you are in town dont miss it!!!!!! Program See you    

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New Studio Setup

This month i will introduce you in my new studio-setup: I decided to enter the 64-bit world with 96kHz workflow and so i had to change some equipment parts. The new computer is an iMac 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7 The new audiointerface is a Universal Audio Apollo Quad with special analog designed mastering PlugInns After […]


“Move” on Best of the Sunday Alternative 2011 Radioshow

The title “Move feat. Mariko Kiyose” has been on the playlist of Best of the Sunday Alternative 2011 (25/12/2011 and 1/1/2012)  – Ambersound 107.2 fm Ripley Derbyshire UK). Its a great selection of tunes played on the weekly radioshow presented by Les “Lofty” Wright in the past year. Here is the whole playlist: Sunlight square – […]