iMix NuJazzVol3

iMix NuJazzVol3 is available in iTunes musicstore. Its a collection of keyboard-style titles of artists in NuJazz who collaborate in NuJazzConnect network. you can listen to Bugge Wesseltoft, Tunto, Andrzej Rejman, The Cinematic Orchestra, Pete Fletcher, Andre Zimma & Ye:Solar, Flying Lotus, Hird and myself. feel free to leave comments and suggestions. get NuJazzVol3 on iTunes

TUNTO-NuJazz from Finland

Tunto is a NuJazz Trio from Helsinki, Finland. I spoke with Matti Wallenius, composer,guitarist, banjo and ukulele player, about their 3rd cd “lempi”. [soundcloud track keyminator 06lustmusic] He told me interesting facts about producing this album and getting this special sound, combining acoustic and electronic elements. Q: short bio? A: born 1958 I pick up […]