broken reform`s kix is a gem remix

dj egon sirabella, paolo marisa and luca vennere from broken reform did a great minimal techno remix of my title „perspective“. for me its very interesting to hear this new version and i`m very happy with it.great collaboration via internet because we got connected through myspace. sometimes it`s worth to do that networking thing because […]


„The singer had to be somebody who was capable and even enthusiastic about a musical underpinning that wasn`t always  going to be cooperating with them“. (reid anderson, the bad plus)


miles davis said „tell a story when you improvise“. and the story depends on you. here`s another cool thought about improvisation: „jazz has always been a man telling the truth about himself“. (quincy jones)

start of everythingsroundRMX

last week i started to make the remix of the title „everything`s round“. its part of the last CD “vampires“ (2007) from portuguese singer nicole eitner. very special singer with an interesting mixture of alternative, classical and pop week will be a short snippet on the blog. infos nicole eitner