nothing more to say. „what has worked before is never as good as something that has never tried before, even if it doesn`t work“. (jimmy webb)

videosnippet perspective

the production of my video „perspective“ from my last album OUT OF THE VULCANO-landscapes is in the final phase. here is a short snippet. watch out!!!


yesterday i played a gig and afterwards there have been the usual critics-talk. sometimes its very funny but very often its boring. „pay no attention to what critics say; there has never been a statue set up in honor of a critic.“ (jean sibelius)

remixing tools

last week the new ableton live 8 launched. it offers now realy interesting new remixing tools, like looper or the new akai APC 40 controller. This new controller is totally integrated in the programm and is an interesting tool for remixing and live-performance. i have been very impressed by the new groove engine and i […]

video-cut perspective#1

yesterday i had the chance to be integrated in the video-cut of my title „perspective“, we recorded last summer. alex, the mastermind of cutting, introduced me in his work. we had a good workflow and did the second part of the song. but finally  a problem occured: alex used a mp3 file in the audiotracks. […]


nowadays the work with media is a great opportunity for each creative. the direct connection to the consumer achieves the dialoge model. „when a record company makes a mistake, the artist pays for it. when the artist makes a mistake, the artist pays for it“ (robert fripp). but the times had changed.

new singer??

yesterday i had a meeting with mariko, one of my focused singers. after a short discussion she told me, that her time schedule is to busy to do the project with me. she offered me a song and i heared her voice and i am very sad, that i can not do the project with […]